Second Liners continue tradition with Easter Extravaganza

Second Liners continue tradition with Easter Extravaganza

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It was big smiles and laughter as the Easter bunny hopped around the Second Liners Easter Extravaganza in John Henry Beck Park.

The Second Liners put on events all year long for East Biloxi residents, but they do this one specifically with the children in mind.

“It’s building a community. It’s building blocks for the children to look forward to something in the future,” said Ken Odom, this year’s reigning King Asante.

Members of the group spend months prepping for the Easter egg hunt and party. It takes a lot of work to get face painters, balloon artists, food and games for the day.

After about 14 years of doing it, they are looking at the next generation to continue it.

“I see some of the children that I recognize, some of the children that I see walking around in the neighborhood, and it just makes me feel good to see them out here and enjoying themselves and hoping that they would want to do something like this when they grow older,” said Harriet Mitchell, the Easter egg hunt chairperson.

Many of the kids running around said they know they’ll be at the egg hunt right after church on Easter Sunday. They do it every single year.

“Playing around, playing with new friends and playing games,” said nine-year-old Tai’ya Crawford.

Some get lucky and win prizes from the egg hunt, while others don’t measure up so well.

“I had went out there, and I didn’t have on my socks and then I got stuck in the sticky bush,” said Alexander Stewart.

However, the children still had fun just being here.

The Second Liners said this is what they are all about, creating fun traditions that keep the community connected and coming back for more.

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