Mississippians pitch in to make Earth Day 2019 a community effort

Mississippians pitch in to make Earth Day 2019 a community effort

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) -Lots of South Mississippians pitched in to celebrate Earth Day with a variety of community service projects Monday. A couple of them were food-related.

Bayou View Elementary student Adley Gillenwater and her teacher Abbie Gunkel enjoyed breakfast at Ana’s Donuts as they ate pastries out of decorated Earth Day paper bags.

“We read about child activists in class, so it’s really cool to see how their voice matters and their opinion matters,” Gunkel said. “When they become adults, they’ll continue this tradition and pass it along.”

Gillenwater and her classmates decorated the bags to spread the message about Earth Day, environmental stewardship and her pet peeve, pollution.

“I think they should try to keep the Earth as safe as they can,” Gillenwater said. “People littering needs to stop.”

Just west of Ana’s Donuts is the 34th St. Community Garden. They’re also celebrating Earth Day. Last year they planted a magnolia tree. This year, they planted a fig tree and did some mulching.

James Franklin and this crew of AmeriCorps volunteers dug in to do their part to make Earth Day 2019 memorable.

"We have about 11 fig trees that we started planting, and we’re going to create a live fence where people can walk along and consume some of the figs,” Franklin said. “Every year we’re going to continue to add more trees.”

Franklin says outings like this one make the idea of Earth Day bloom even stronger as the celebration continues to become more mainstream.

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