Therapy horse group makes a girl’s unicorn dreams come true

Therapy horse group makes a girl’s unicorn dreams come true

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Zoeylyn Avarelo had a blast opening her birthday gifts during her seventh birthday party.

A pink table covered with pink boxes and gift bags with even more pink wrapping paper was exciting to her but not nearly as exciting as getting her very own unicorn.

“I was super and like 100,000 times excited to see it because I love unicorns," she said.

Her parents knew how much she loves the mythical animals, so they called around to various petting zoos to see about having a pony dressed as a unicorn to come to the party for a little while.

“I really want a pet unicorn because I was going to keep that unicorn for a pet,” Zoeylyn told her parents.

As rare as unicorns are, they’re not cheap either, especially when money is already tight.

“I was amazed at how much she was being charged. Anywhere from $250 to $300 just to have a pony come out for a little girl’s birthday,” said Megan Plaisance, the mini-unicorn owner.

Instead of letting Zoey’s one wish go ungranted, Fidelis Hooves, a therapy horse group from Louisiana, stepped in to help after hearing about the small party on Facebook.

“I decided to drive over an hour and a half to do that for her even though we just do therapy,” Plaisance said.

Plaisance and her husband brought Cadence the mini-horse dressed in a pink tutu, a unicorn horn and matching sparkly pink sneakers to surprise Zoey and her friends. They even brought a baby goat with them.

Normally the horse visits injured veterans and nursing homes, but her owners saw that her presence as a unicorn could bring smiles elsewhere.

“We should always remember that it’s always important to bring joy and happiness to people that need it more than the money,” Plaisance said.

Zoeylyn won't ever stop talking about this magical birthday, or stop thanking the people who made it possible.

“I was so happy, it made me feel so special that they really care about me,” Zoeylyn said.

Zoey said she going to use the pictures she took to prove to here friends who couldn’t come that unicorns are real.

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