Sand on Hwy. 90 causing headaches for drivers, officials

Sand on Hwy. 90 causing headaches for drivers, officials

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - On the Gulf Coast Friday, motorists were delayed on U.S. Highway 90 due to slow and deliberate work to clear the sand left by last night’s storm.

Most everywhere you look on Highway 90, you see sand. State and county crews have been busy at work cleaning up the mess. Harrison County Sand Beach Director Chuck Loftis has watched months of work go down the drain.

“We’ve had three big wind events. We had it Friday, Saturday, Friday night and then last night again. So, everything that we’ve done possibly for the last five or six months, with lowering the template of the beach, in those three days, it’s already went over the top,” Loftis said.

Over the top and onto the highway means the state now gets involved.

“We handle everything from the seawall south. After it goes over on the highway, that’s MDOT’s responsibility,” Loftis said.

Terry Cooley supervises a Mississippi Department of Transportation team from Wayne County that was called in Friday morning to help clear the travel lanes for holiday weekend travel.

“We’re down here trying pitch in where we can, to help try to clear the roadways and the lanes for the public. Knowing it’s Easter weekend coming up, we’re trying our best to get it all done today and not inconvenience any of the public any further than they already are,” Cooley said.

Now that work is underway, Loftis said that sand and beach repair will likely last for months.

“It’s something that’s going to gradually take through the summer months to get back down where it was. Hopefully we don’t have any tropical events this summer," he said.

Cooley went on to say that their first priority is always safety. His crews are making sure that the safety of themselves and the traveling public are their chief concern. Their Wayne County crew, and additional crews on the coast right now will continue to clear the traveling lanes first.

Once they are clear, and with the assistance of local MDOT crews, they will begin clearing turning lanes and parking bays.

They have asked that all motorists please drive with caution until the work is complete.

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