Rewriting the Record Books: Dajour Jupiter Breaks MS state squat record

Ocean Springs' Dajour Jupiter breaks MS record for squats

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Some records are not meant to be broken, just don’t tell Ocean Springs senior Dajour Jupiter that.

On Saturday, Jupiter broke the all-time Class 6A and Mississippi State record, squatting 830 pounds at the MHSAA state championships in Jackson. If you let him tell it, he knew he had it in the bag.

“After I got my first lift, I was going to break that record at 830,” Jupiter told WLOX. I did it multiple times in the workout room."

Jupiter has squatted 845 pounds in practice with ease, but apparently squatting 830 at the state finals wasn’t enough.

“After he got the 830, the place was going crazy,” Ocean Springs head powerlifting coach Wade Vick told WLOX. I walked up to him, he sat back down and his eyes was this big. I asked him ‘What you want?’, he said 900, clear as day. I was like okay and I walked up and told them 900, so lets go."

Unfortunately he wasn’t able to get it, as he was too tired from breaking the record that had been held since 2013. For Dajour, powerlifting isn’t all physical, it’s mental as well, using music to get himself warmed up.

“Michael Jackson. Michael helps me a lot,” Jupiter said.

When asked about his favorite song to prepare to he replied ‘Remember the Time’. That’s right, the King of Pop fuels the big man’s fire.

Setting the state’s squat record wasn’t all Jupiter did on Saturday. After squatting, he bench pressed 310 pounds, along with a 545 pound deadlift for a combined total of 1685 pounds. He won first place in the “Super Heavy” weight class, lifting 225 pounds more than the next participant. Dajour’s record-setting weekend doesn’t surprise his coaches as they saw this day coming awhile back.

“Dajour was lifting on and off his ninth and tenth grade year. He’s a great kid, he’s getting the recognition he finally deserves,” Vick said. He’s such a strong individual. His squat is something special and it needed to be seen."

The 330-pound powerlifter just hopes no one steals his title anytime soon.

“I hope it last for a lot of years like 20,” Jupiter told WLOX. I think somebody will top it if they work hard, just believe in yourself."

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