Improvements coming for interchange on I-10 at County Farm Rd.

Improvements coming for interchange on I-10 at County Farm Rd.

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - If you drive on I-10 in the west part of Harrison County and take the exit at County Farm Road, you know you might have to wait a while before making the turn. But a plan is moving forward to speed up your commute.

The truck stop off I-10 on County Farm Roard makes Exit 28 a popular stop, and it means drivers like Richard Devault routinely are caught in traffic.

“This exit gets backed up so bad, and some days I have to wait 15-20 minutes just to move one or two car spaces,” said Devault.

LaBrandon Hathorn is a student at West Harrison High School just down the road. He said he has almost wrecked before coming off the exit.

“When we came through, there was a lot of trucks coming through, and we didn’t really see the trucks because they were speeding through. And we almost got hit, but we were lucky,” Hathorn said.

With the problems well-documented, MDOT is pouring $1.5 million into improving the interchange. Construction will soon start to add an additional lane on County Farm Rd. around the exit, along with adding turning lanes coming off the exit ramps.

Harrison County Supervisor Marlin Ladner thinks the improvements are much needed to make the interchange safer.

“When traffic backs up like that people become impatient, and they will take risks possibly pulling out in front of other cars,” Ladner said. “It’s a dangerous situation, and I’m glad MDOT is taking care of this.”

Traffic lights will also be added on the north and south bound exit intersections. Drivers who use the exits everyday are looking forward to seeing the results.

“It will improve a great deal having a flow through it, and everybody will be able to pay attention to it. And I think the traffic will go a lot smoother,” Devault said.

According to MDOT construction is expected to start in May and will take about seven months to complete.

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