Conference brings together professionals in the fight against child abuse

Conference brings together professionals in the fight against child abuse
The OLV Conference brings together professionals from across the state to learn more about protecting the state's children. (Source: Photo WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The fight against child abuse is growing stronger as hundreds of professionals meet in Biloxi for training this week.

The One Loud Voice Conference brings professionals together from across the state to learn about how to better protect the state’s children. This year’s conference focuses on the expansion of Child Advocacy Studies or CAST programs in Mississippi community colleges and universities.

CAST allows students in various disciplines to get hands-on, realistic training to effectively handle cases of child abuse.

The day’s keynote speaker, a child abuse survivor, discussed how such training and child advocacy centers can make a difference.

“There’s a network of people who are working really hard to help that child, and they’re not forgetting them through the process. That child is the center focus from the moment they walk through the door until the moment they receive justice,” said Sasha Joseph Neulinger, president of Voice for the Kids.

Executive director of the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Mississippi, Karla Tye, believes it takes teamwork to fight against child abuse.

“There’s so many different entities after a case or allegation of child abuse, and we need all of those disciplines working together and cross training with each other on new and innovative ideas about how to conduct the investigation, as well as what are the latest trends within the field of child abuse,” said Tye.

Wednesday is the final day for the One Loud Voice Conference. This is the conference’s 6th year.

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