Visitors, residents, and police reflect on Spring Break 2019

Visitors, residents, and police reflect on Spring Break 2019

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Spring Break 2019 has wrapped up for another year in Biloxi. Most spring breakers have left and are headed back home. Despite some grey skies on Saturday, this year’s event seemed to be another success.

The last day of Spring Break 2019 in Biloxi brought clear skies and smiles from visitors out enjoying the day.

Police say nearly 30,000 people came to the Coast for the annual event.

Most of that crowd was seen on Highway 90. The emergency traffic didn’t have to be enacted up until Saturday afternoon, when the streets were becoming gridlocked.

“It took about an hour to get traffic flowing again. But once it did, it was moving pretty good,” said Deback.

Traffic was non-existent in many of the residential neighborhoods.

“They usually set up pretty good parameters so we don’t get a whole lot,” said Sara Dixon, a resident of Edgewater Park.

Many of the spring breakers spent their day playing sports, building sandcastles and having some old-fashioned fun in the sun.

“You know, I’m just doing me, just living life baby, that’s all," said comedian Famous Amos.

For many, the weekend was spent walking along the beach and dancing all day long.

“This is our third year running," said Alabama resident Nicole Willis. "Yes, I love it, I love it. Me and my girls turn up all the time.”

Most of the action was on the beach and at Edgewater Mall. While you could still hear and see the activity from afar, it didn't encroach on people's property.

“But overall (the spring breakers) tend to keep the trash over there, so it’s not so bad,” Dixon said.

Attendance may have been even higher if it weren’t for the gloomy weather on Saturday..

“A lot of people didn’t come back," said Terrell Moore, a visiting Mississippi resident. “We had a thunderstorm watch.”

“We didn’t see a whole huge decrease in crowd levels until early in the morning hours,” said Maj. Chris DeBack with Biloxi Police Department.

Rain or shine, spring breakers made the most out of their time on the Coast. Some visitors made sure to socialize during their vacation..

“For the single guys, mingling and looking at women," Moore said with a laugh.

Hip-hop and R&B was the soundtrack for the energized crowd. One DJ's favorite part:

“Sitting up on the beach, we had the whole crowd going crazy over there but they came and shut that down," said musician DJ Corie.

Yet, the party continued. While people celebrated one last time before heading back to their hometowns, some say they’re glad to see events like this centered around hip hop culture.

“I’m from Mississippi on the Coast,” said Moss Point resident D’Juan Hannah. "We don’t have too much like this going on so when spring break comes, it’s big to us. It’s a big deal.”

Police worked longer shifts to manage the large crowds, but say overall, most people were very cooperative throughout the weekend.

“Participants have appeared to be having a good time and majority of them have been respectful,” DeBack said.

And most of the residents that live in the area know the spring breakers are here to have a good time.

“I understand it’s an opportunity for the young people to let off steam,” said Stephen Farrow, an Edgewater Park resident. “Frankly, our neighborhood has not from my perspective experienced much distress.”

Police won’t have a total number of how many cars were towed and arrests made until after the weekend.

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