Residents clean up storm damage in Madison, Yazoo Counties

A string of tornadoes blew through Mississippi, Saturday

Madison, Yazoo storm damage

MADISON AND YAZOO, MS (WLBT) - Homeowners sifted through tornado debris in Madison and Yazoo Counties on Sunday.

“I was sitting in the recliner. My son come running in saying, get up mama get up mama, get the girls in the hall," said Frances Johnston.

She said she felt scared as the winds picked up around her home of 47 years on Saturday night.

“This is the first tornado that has ever hit right here,” she said.

One tree slammed into the backside of her house on Waller Road in Yazoo County.

Johnston said, “both bedrooms had walk in closets. They’re gone. And it’s a gaping hole back there.”

Smashed cars and split tree trunks were all around the neighborhood.

The storm also hit Madison County, in the town of Flora.

“I went into a room with no windows or anything and was just sitting there, just waiting,” said Sandra Cotten.

She was home alone with the storm struck.

“It was about 30 seconds, really. And I came and looked out my front door, and I had all of this damage,” she said.

A big tree fell next to her house, just missing the roof.

“There wasn’t like a big thud or thunder or roaring winds or anything. It was just like swoosh,” said Cotten.

Her car, however, wasn't so lucky.

“I am just thankful that no one was hurt,” said Cotten.

Power lines were taken down by the tree trunks that blocked the roadways. Metal sheets ripping up from a Chevron Gas Station.

Residents say that while the worst is over, the recovery process will take some time.

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