Windy, cloudy weather doesn’t stop Spring Break Weekend fun

Windy, cloudy weather doesn’t stop Spring Break Weekend fun

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It was going to take more than a cloudy morning to stop the fun of Spring Break Weekend.

“The lituation is still going on. We just waiting on everybody to get here, but to me, it seem like another successful year," said “Cheatahman” Williams.

It seems no one wanted to miss the fun. Highway 90 in Biloxi grew busier by the hour Saturday.

“This is our third year attending, and it is so amazing,” said visitor Myrtric Harper.

“You know nobody’s getting in trouble, nobody is going to jail. Everybody is just enjoying each other," said Jerry McCorvey.

They were enjoying each other and all the great food. Vendors lined the street, some ready to give every one a true taste of the South.

“A lot of people out here are not from the South, so they never had crawfish, so I introduce it to them," said one vendor known as “Kandi Man.” He’s from Lafayette, Louisiana, and offers free crawfish to Spring Breakers every year.

Even with the threat of strong storms overnight, most were just happy that Mother Nature skipped out on the day party for once.

“This Saturday, we didn’t get rained out. Normally, ever since it first started, we got rained out every Saturday,” said Meanzinni, who comes to photograph the festivities every year.

The fun of Spring Break Weekend was only getting started.

“I love to see them have fun without being violent, and bringing a good cause to Mississippi, and bringing the money out here and having a good time," said Jennifer Carey.

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