Seven-Mile Yard Sale sets up shop this weekend

Seven-Mile Yard Sale sets up shop this weekend on Rocky Hill-Dedeaux Road

KILN, MS (WLOX) -The three-day Rocky Hill-Dedeaux Road Seven-Mile Yard Sale is quickly becoming one of the Coast’s more interesting rummage sale events.

Bargains and buying stuff for Halloween is what brought Lynel Necaise and Leslie Ladner out to the event. They went off the beaten path looking for anything and everything.

"I do the beach theme at Buccaneer, so my skeleton's gonna sit in this item during Halloween,” Necaise said.

About three years ago, a few Rocky Hill-Dedeaux Road residents decided everything of any value must go.

"Gwen Adams, Jackie Necaise and Stephanie Ladner all got together and decided they wanted to do a big, long yard sale throughout the Rocky Hill area, so they got together and that’s what they did,” said Courtney Ladner.

Now the word is out, and people from as far away as Wisconsin hop down the road from house to house searching for backyard bounty.

"We get a bunch of people from all over,’ Ladner added. “We get people from around here to people from Wisconsin visiting. We enjoy doing this. It's a good way for people to come out and get stuff for a decent cheap price. A lot of it's good name brands and good prices."

The event runs through Sunday at various stops along Rocky Hill-Dedeaux Road.

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