Residents prepare for large crowds as Spring Break weekend approaches

Residents prepare for large crowds as Spring Break weekend approaches

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi police are gearing up for the influx of thousands of vehicles expected during Spring Break this weekend, and residents living right off Highway 90 are bracing for the crowds.

Barricades designed to keep spring break traffic off the beach and out of neighborhoods like Oakmont Place are now out. Thomas Cupples has lived on the dead end street for nearly two decades, and he isn’t looking forward to all the traffic.

“It’s hell to get in and out up there because we have to show that we live here, and they can come down here park in the median and get away with it,” Cupples said.

This year, the city won’t be requiring residents to use neighborhood passes to get in and out. Tommy Ardoline said he gets extra food to stay in when traffic peaks, but he doesn’t think it’s impossible to leave and come back.

“I never have the sense that I’m absolutely trapped here and can’t go anywhere,” Ardoline said. “As long as we can get out, keep moving around and come back around, I don’t have any problem with it.”

But Cupples isn’t as optimistic, saying the traffic plan used to keep vehicles moving on Highway 90 is too complicated.

“To get out of here and get back to the house, we have to go north all the way around to I-10 and come back around,” said Cupples.

When traffic reaches a gridlock point on the highway, no turns or stopping will be permitted except at designated spots. It’s a policy Ardoline understands, saying he appreciates the efforts made by Biloxi Police.

“When the Biloxi Police themselves man the end of the street, it seems to work exceedingly well,” said Ardoline. “When we hire other governmental entities to be at the end of the street, it does not do as well.”

According to Biloxi city leaders, the venting traffic plan is only implemented when traffic on Highway 90 becomes an issue.

Beginning Thursday, cones dividing the lanes on Highway 90 will start to be seen. Those cones are used for the city’s traffic venting plan so emergency lanes can remain open if traffic becomes gridlocked.

For more information on Biloxi’s Spring Break traffic plan, visit here.

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