Springtime for migraine sufferers

Springtime for migraine sufferers

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - It’s pollen season and if you have allergies, this time of year is aggravating. There is a certain population that suffers even more this season for a different reason.

South Central Regional Medical Center Staff Neurologist Dr. Gulshan Oberoi explains it’s all about headaches. He said there are different types of headaches, but there is one that can put a halt on your life.

“It affects the activities of daily living, it affects their jobs and their day to day responsibilities,” Oberoi said.

He is talking about migraine headaches.

“Everybody’s migraines are different,” Oberoi said.

But one thing Oberoi said migraine sufferers may have in common is feeling worse this time of year with pollen counts reaching maximum levels.

“Which can exacerbate or worsen the migraine type of headaches also," Oberoi said. “So, you are not only having the migraine type of headaches on top of that you are having the sinus related and allergy related headaches as well.”

Oberoi said patients describe five types of debilitating pain.

“It could either be sharp, throbbing or pounding in nature or shooting in nature. Sometimes people describe it as a stabbing pain,” Oberoi said.

He said there are two types of regimens. Acute treatment is when you take the prescribed medicines to get an instant relief from a headache. The second and most recent is prevention therapy for migraines.

“There are three different types of new medicines that have been in the market recently and some people have had tremendous relief for that just because of the fact that it’s a once a month injection, you know, and it prevents the headaches from coming on," Oberoi said. "So, it does play a big role in the quality of a patients life.”

Oberoi said migraine treatment needs individualized care, so go to your doctor or neurologist to find out which prevention treatment is right for you not only to get you through the spring but beyond.

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