Beau Rivage to MGM elevated walkway now open

Beau Rivage to MGM elevated walkway now open

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) -The long-awaited walkway between Beau Rivage and MGM Park is finally open.

A ribbon cutting brought MDOT officials and leaders from Biloxi together to mark the occasion Thursday.

There were some delays opening the pedestrian bridge. The price tag was $3 million.

$2.6 million came from the federal government in Department of Transportation money and public safety grants. Biloxi had to come up with the remaining $400,000.

The walkway is handicap accessible and does have elevators.

The structure was built with one thing in mind.

“Safety. This is absolutely for safety for our pedestrians crossing these streets," said Southern District Transportation Commissioner Tom King. “Not everyone goes up to the signal light. Some are going in between and getting hit. Because of these incidents and these accidents, the need was for an overhead ramp or pedestrian walkway."

The Biloxi Police Department and Beau Rivage will work together to provide security for the pedestrian walkway.

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