Powerball jackpot of $750 million sends Mississippians west

Mississippi lottery can’t get here fast enough

Powerball jackpot of $750 million sends Mississippians west

SLIDELL, LA (WLOX) - Powerball mania is sweeping the country, but for Mississippi resident Joann Spann-Fields, that still means a trip across state lines, but not for long.

“Oh, I can’t wait. As least we won’t have to travel so far now," Fields said. "We burn a lot of gas coming over for the last couple of years. I’ll just be able to go up the road and buy me some (tickets).”

Powerball jackpot of $750 million sends Mississippians west.
Powerball jackpot of $750 million sends Mississippians west. (Source: Photo WLOX)

After 10 years of trips to buy lottery tickets, Fields said that even though she hasn’t won yet, when she does, she plans to go big.

“Oh, pay off bills. Buy me a jet. Travel the world, all over the world," she said.

According to Powerball officials, the odds of winning the top prize are in the neighborhood of one-in-175 million. With strong ticket sales still coming in, Mississippian Jomal Wilson wants to see those dollars helping us back home.

“They’re all gonna buy it. A dollar or two dollars comes together. It’s still gonna add up. It’s still gonna pay for roads and schools and infrastructure that we need," Wilson said. "The money’s got to come from somewhere. This is a free way to get it, and everybody will take it.”

For Wilson, winning the Powerball means the opportunity to help his family and the community, regardless of whether it’s Mississippi or Louisiana.

“I’m not going out and buying a Maserati. I’m not waking up in a brand new Bugatti. You know what I’m saying? None of that. Straight up, I’ll put something for the people, no matter what state," he said.

No matter where their ticket is bought, one thing is for sure, these lottery fans are sure to try their luck.

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