Scholar Athletes: Twin sisters prove to be a dynamic duo on and off the field

Scholar Athletes: Twin sisters prove to be a dynamic duo on and off the field

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Bay High School juniors Madelyn and Emma Gonzales prove to be a strong force in the classroom and in a match. Not only are the twins at the top of their class, but they also excel in soccer and tennis.

While they seem unstoppable together, they like to remind each other what makes them special apart.

Madelyn is the uber-competitive twin, but she said out of the two, she’s also more girly than her twin.

“I’ve always been more of a tomboy, very much into sports and not that much girly pink or blue, and she’s always been the girly girl," Emma said.

Regardless of their differences, the twins still share undeniable similarities.

"That’s how our personalities are different, but we are people that will finish each other sentences, and thinking and saying the same thing, even though we don’t know we’re thinking the same thing,” Emma explained.

They said they think the same way when it comes to excelling in soccer and in tennis. As far as grades go, they’re first and second in their class. As you can imagine, sibling rivalry keeps that competition in a constant state of flux, at least for one of the twins.

“I just always like to try my best, and I’m like always trying to be the best. So, I make it a competition. She really doesn’t see it as a competition. I see it as the Olympics," Madelyn said.

Emma doesn’t always see it as a competition.

"And you’ve always been smarter than me, so I always feel like I can’t compete. She’s like ‘I got a 100, and you got a 99,’ and I’m like ‘good for you,’” Emma teased.

Their soccer coach definitely sees sibling rivalry.

“They’re very competitive with their teammates, but they’re extremely competitive with each other. Once you get to know them, they compete with grades or on the soccer field. Whatever they’re doing, they’re competing with each other,” said Colby Adam.

However, both Emma and Madelyn said the competition keeps both of them focused, and that also keeps them on track for what they hope is college life down the road at Mississippi State University.

“That’s our number one option for us, but I’m going into accounting, and she’s going into a completely different field. Polar opposites, but we attract,” Emma said.

They are sort of like a twin sister version of the odd couple.

Both said they’re hoping to help the Bay High tennis team win a few matches as they get closer to postseason action.

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