Planning Commission recommends provisions for Biloxi short-term rentals

Planning Commission recommends provisions for Biloxi short-term rentals
A group of property owners in Biloxi were hoping to cash in on short-term rentals, but for now their plans are on hold. (Source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi property owners wanting to offer short-term rentals could face another hurdle.

In front of a large crowd, the Biloxi Planning Commission recommended a change making short-term rentals conditional use in areas already allowing hotels.

This means property owners in these commercial zones would have to seek approval before allowing renters to come in. Short-term rentals are still not allowed in single-family residential areas.

Developer Bill Stallworth doesn’t think this is fair since he thought property he recently purchased was already in the clear for short-term rentals.

“If a developer or someone like myself wanted to put a rental or short-term rental in that zone that was no problem. I was given to them by right. Now they want to take it and run it through the zoning commission and city council like they don’t have anything else to do,” Stallworth said.

Also, any permits such as Certificate of Occupancy, Certificate of Zoning Compliance, and Privilege Tax License are not to be transferred to any subsequent owner of a short-term rental property, according to the Biloxi Planning Commission. Any change in ownership shall require new applications for all such certificates, permits and licenses.

This change still has to receive approval from the city council. Recently the planning commission has received 170 short-term rental applications.

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