Page 13: Spectacular birthday cake for a spectacular Beau Rivage celebration

Building a cake worthy of Beau Rivage's 20th anniversary

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - March 16, 1999, Beau Rivage cut the ribbon on its $700 million-plus casino resort in Biloxi. The company is celebrating its 20th birthday this weekend.

The Beau’s pastry chef John LaCroix is making an extravagant cake worthy of such an event.

LaCroix loves spending time in the resort’s bakery where all kinds of sweet treats come to life every day. He grew up in Marseilles, France, and learned to bake when he was very young. There’s nothing he loves more than creating pastries.

“This is a job that is challenging. You challenge yourself, and you love it. It’s a dream job,” LaCroix said.

He and his staff are used to making custom bakery items, but this week was a major challenge. The cake is multi-layered and will stand seven feet tall. It’s being made to celebrate Beau Rivage’s 20th anniversary. LaCroix began the project with a drawing, taking some twists and turns along the way.

“As you’re making it, you’re creating. You get more excited and start adding more and more,” LaCroix said.

Saturday is the official celebration. There will be a big party in the atrium at 4 p.m. LaCroix’s cake will be on display, and you’re invited in to have a piece.

This isn’t just a matter of baking a cake; LaCroix is building the anniversary cake. It’s a three-week project, and LaCroix wanted to make sure it’s worthy of a 20-year birthday celebration.

“It took about three weeks to make it. We are putting together all the decorations for the 20 years. We’re all excited,” LaCroix said.

Beau Rivage will have a series of events marking the occasion throughout the day Saturday at MGM Park.

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