One of Beau Rivage’s first employees reflects on last 20 years

One of Beau Rivage’s first employees reflects on last 20 years

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - In the late 1990′s, as Beau Rivage was being built, its sales team was building the casino’s image and clientele in a trailer just across Highway 90. Linda Spruill was part of the team back then as she and others worked on what some thought was just a pipe dream.

“We actually moved from a single-wide trailer to a double-wide trailer to a building that had a complete guest room set up in it,” Spruill said. “We had a diorama set up, so we could sell the Beau Rivage to our clients and tourists alike. A lot of people didn’t know about Biloxi then, but they sure do now.”

Spruill also said at the time, selling the Beau was like selling a dream.

"We were talking to people about a dream that was being built in Biloxi, and they would look at us and go 'more than 1,000 rooms and in Biloxi, Mississippi? Where is that?’ People were asking.”

Now, it’s a prime destination among Gulf Coast casinos, bringing in lots of visitors, lots of VIPs, and giving Linda and her staff lots of interesting anecdotal material.

"We’ve been host to a lot of recording artists, movie stars, and sports figures,” she said. “They all are different and unique. When you think about the ancillary jobs that have been generated from the casino industry, the schools that have been helped, the children, the people whose families have been helped, and from our corporate responsibility, us being out in the community giving back, it all comes into play into this great big basket.”

Beau Rivage has been celebrating its big 20th anniversary all this month with special events, entertainment, and promotions. Saturday, March 16th the resort will hold a huge, family-friendly celebration starting at 5pm and ending when the skies over the casino light up with a fireworks extravaganza. Learn more about the event from our friends at Gulf Coast Weekend:

Building a cake worthy of Beau Rivage's 20th anniversary

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