Moss Point parents voice concerns about transparency at school board meeting

Moss Point parents voice concerns about transparency at school board meeting

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - It was a packed room inside Moss Point School District’s monthly board meeting Thursday night. Many residents are asking for more transparency.

Some parents say they are frustrated over what they call a high teacher turnover in the district.

When it came time for public comment, tensions grew as residents voiced their concerns. Some said while they are happy to see new, young teachers come to the district, they feel that many seasoned instructors are being cast aside.

One parent shared her child's story:

"My child started off with a teacher, came back in January, didn't have that teacher. Ended up with another teacher, then another teacher, then a permanent sub."

"How can our kids maintain if they do not have the continuity there?" questioned one parent.

At the meeting, many also said the school board lacks transparency and that many of these changes are unexpected. However, many of those who came to the meeting did not get to go into much detail. The board's attorney read Mississippi's rule on public comments, saying guests cannot speak about school personnel matters in open session. Instead, they would have to go through the school's principal, who would then bring it up the chain of command.

"If the issue is great enough and it's brought to us as a board, which we have no knowledge, prior knowledge of the issue, then we're able to make a decision without bias," said Isaiah Hayes, vice president of the school board.

Hayes said people do have a right to voice their opinions but says its important that its done within the board's guidelines.

Moss Point School District's next board meeting will be held on April 9.

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