Former boyfriend of Jessica Chambers shot, killed

Former boyfriend of Jessica Chambers shot, killed
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COURTLAND, MS (WMC) - The former boyfriend of Jessica Chambers was shot and killed.

Travis Sanford, 33, was found dead Friday after 7:30 a.m. in Courtland, Mississippi, according to District Attorney John Champion.

Investigators say Sanford was shot to death over a dice game.

The mother of Travis Sanford's child, who did not want to be identified, said he was haunted by the connection to Chambers.

“How I feel, there’s really no words for how I feel right now,” she said. “My body’s numb.”

She said Sanford had been in a dice game inside his house in Courtland with some friends. She said the man accused in his murder, Myron Powell, was a friend of Sanford’s who showed up to get in the game.

Sanford's 18-month-old child was in the house at the time of the shooting, and her 7-year-old child.

She says Powell lost $700 and wanted it back.

"With my baby witnessing everything, it kind of hurts that we trusted you in our house and for you to sit up her and kill him in front of our family, his family, that’s messed up,” she said.

Panola County investigators were able to quickly find Powell, who witnesses identified.

"We know all of our local people,” said Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby. “That's the reason we get good information really fast."

Sanford, a former star football player at South Panola High, once dated Jessica Chambers who died in 2014 after she was set on fire.

Quintin Tellis was tried twice for her murder, each time getting a hung jury. He is awaiting trial in Louisiana for the murder of an exchange student.

Sanford was even questioned in Chambers’ death early on, and even though he had a good alibi, he was locked up on a burglary charge.

The connection is something this woman says Sanford could never escape.

"Even now that he’s dead and not resting in peace, they’re still bringing it up,” she said.

Sanford was taken to a hospital where he died.

Powell, who is charged with murder is locked up in the Panola County Jail.

Chambers was found dead after being set on fire in December 2014.

Quinton Tellis was charged with her murder, but has had two trials end in mistrial.

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