Father and son sentenced in shooting death of gun shop owner and his son

Father and son sentenced in shooting death of gun shop owner and his son
Audy McCool, left, and his son Michael McCool are on trial in the shooting deaths of Jason McLemore and his 17-year-old son Jacob. (Source: Photo Pearl River County Sheriff's Office)

PEARL RIVER COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A father and his son have been sentenced after being found guilty in a shooting that happened just over three years ago in Pearl River County.

Michael McCool, 31, and his dad Audy McCool, 53, were accused of shooting a gun shop owner and his teenage son after a dispute over $25. A jury found the McCools guilty Feb. 1.

Michael was sentenced to 40 years on both counts of second degree murder to run consecutively, totaling 80 years in custody.

Audy was sentenced to 20 years for two counts of accessory after the fact. He will serve 14 years in custody and six in post-release supervision.

Investigators said Michael was the one who pulled the trigger in the shooting that killed gun shop owner Jason McLemore and his 17-year-old son Jacob. Michael and Audy were also injured in the incident.

Authorities told WLOX at the time of the shooting that Michael shot both victims using a 40-caliber pistol. Michael and his dad reportedly went to McLemore’s Gun Shop on Highway 43 in the Henleyfield community on Saturday, Jan. 23, 2016, to pick up a gun. The shop’s owner Jason McLemore told the customers that the repairs were not yet completed on the weapon and that there was a $25 service fee. One of the McCools became upset over being charged that fee, said police.

McLemore’s wife, who was working at the counter when the McCools came into the store, said she tried to deescalate the situation but both of the fathers and sons kept arguing, eventually resorting to physical violence. That’s when Michael McCool reportedly shot Jason and his teenage son Jacob.

Police said Jason McLemore did have an unholstered nine-millimeter pistol by his side when he was shot but it’s unclear if that weapon was ever taken out of the holster or fired.

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