Coast students show hard work is what it takes to get into college

Coast students show hard work is what it takes to get into college

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Gaining acceptance into the college of your dreams is hard enough, but are there now concerns that some college hopefuls have a better chance of getting in because of behind-the-scenes deals done by their parents?

“Stuff like that has been going on, and will continue going on,” said Keon Barney, a senior at Harrison Central High School. “Wherever there’s prestige, things like that are just going to happen.”

Barney isn’t bothered by the bribery games being played by the Hollywood elite in order to provide an edge for their children’s college futures. He was accepted to University of Pennsylvania on his own.

“I mean, that never was ever a thought in my head. My thoughts since freshman (year) was work, work, do what I gotta do, handle my business and get into this school. Once I get into the school, continue handling my business,” Barney said.

AP English and ACT prep teacher Cody Eadie said his students work diligently during their entire high school career to be able to go to these top-tier schools on their own terms.

“We work on AP prep, ACT prep, prepping them in all four facets of the ACT from English, reading, science and math and then working with them on their college entrance exams and working as far as their college entrance essays,” Eadie said.

For junior Chase Yano, he learned the hard way that getting into Ivy League schools isn’t always about the education.

“I ran into a roadblock when I was trying to build my application for these schools in that our high school didn’t have that many activities and extracurriculars, and that’s the thing that’s really important to these top-ten schools whenever you’re applying," Yano said.

So Yano set out to change that.

“So I started a film club and a peer-tutoring organization, so we meet with those pretty regularly. I tried to transform my high school into something better,” Yaho said.

Those students are creating a lasting impression to show that good, old-fashioned hard work and dedication is what these students and their teachers will celebrate as they receive their acceptance letters.

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