Vancleave senior no stranger to heavy lifting in and out of the classroom

Caleb Bicknell is our Scholar Athlete of the Week

Vancleave senior no stranger to heavy lifting in and out of the classroom

VANCLEAVE, MS (WLOX) - At 17 years old, Caleb Bicknell is a powerlifting champion.

“Powerlifting. Definitely the rush you get at a meet, a competition, just to know that you are stronger than somebody else," the Vancleave High School senior said.

Bicknell’s top squat weight in competition is 690. He’s broken the South State record twice, but in the weight room at Vancleave High School, he pushes himself and has taken it up to 700 pounds.

“I have been weight lifting to get stronger for football," he said. “But not until last year was I a powerlifter.”

“He is one that lifts a lot of weight for his weight class, which is 275," said Head Powerlifting Coach Todd Alford.

Bicknell clocks in at 268 and works out five days a week. In the classroom, he’s pulling a 3.87 GPA and a 4.5 QPA. He’s set to graduate in May then will head to Southwest Community College with a focus on engineering.

Bicknell will begin training with the Bears football team this summer.

“I would say Caleb is definitely someone that people look up to, especially our younger guys," Alford said. “I know he makes it a habit of coming by the middle school where I teach and sitting in our classes and talking to those guys. Even some of the juniors look up to him and go to him for advice on some things.”

Bicknell will head to the state power lifting competition April 13 in Jackson.

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