Old concession stand comes in handy for D’Iberville fire training

Old concession stand comes in handy for D’Iberville fire training

D’IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - D’Iberville firefighters are staying on top of their game.

On Wednesday, the D’Iberville Fire Department filled the old concession stand at Rudy Moran Ball Park with smoke to mimic the conditions during an actual fire so firefighters could train for future search and rescue missions.

“We learn something new every time, whether it’s a different way to search the room, different methods, something that could go wrong," said firefighter Colton Seymour.

Even though it was just a simulation, at any moment, the firefighters could be called to a very similar situation, one involving real people.

To see exactly what the firefighters are up against, WLOX’s Desirae Duncan borrowed some gear to go inside the building and see for herself.

Once the door closed, the smoke quickly took over, making the room extremely dark, so firefighters used special equipment to see through the smoke.

It’s true-to-life training that’s invaluable, just as the concession stand proved to be, even in its final days. It’ll be torn down soon to make way for the city’s new police department.

“It keeps the guys up on their skills, stuff that we don’t get to utilize every day. So anytime we get a chance to use a building like this, a vacant or abandoned building, it really helps out with the guys and their skills,” said training officer Joel Seymour.

“It’s important that we allow them, as a city, afford them the opportunity to train, give them quality equipment and give them the knowledge to do this dangerous task. And this is a prime example of that,” said city manager Clay Jones.

The city hopes to break ground on the new department sometime this summer.

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