Pascagoula High School to implement statewide ‘Students Against Violence’ app

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood unveiled the app Monday

Pascagoula High School to implement state-wide ‘Students Against Violence’ app

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - There are nearly 500,000 students in 162 schools district in Mississippi. Pascagoula High School sophomore Caroline Floyd is one student trying to make a difference.

She’s big into speech and debate, with a focus on human trafficking.

“I think it gives me a voice. Speech and debate really represents a generation of kids who want to have a voice and who want to speak out on issues that they’re passionate about,” she said.

Caroline’s focus also extends to mental health.

“I was on a technology panel for Signing River Academy about the dangers of social media if not used properly,” she added.

To help combat the dangers of social media, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood unveiled Monday the ‘Students Against Violence’ app. It’s now available for download to all students, free of charge, You can find it in the App Store or on Google Play by searching ‘students against violence ms.’ Within the app you’ll find categories based on students’ needs, like suicide prevention, drug abuse, depression and anxiety.

“We see kids struggle with a lot of anxiety, bullying, depression. They feel like they have everything coming at them at one time. Technology just feels their life with so much stress and they’re involved in everything,” said Pascagoula High School lead counselor Allison Cooley. She’s been an educator for a decade, and spent the last year helping students at PHS.

“I think that this is a good platform because our kids are so tech savvy and if they feel reluctant to come forward with their problems, this is a good way for them to come forward without face to face interaction in the beginning," Allison added, saying she will recommend the app to her students.

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