Coast residents excited for an extra hour of sunshine each day

Coast residents excited for an extra hour of sunshine each day

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Like many across the country, South Mississippians are excited about having a little extra daylight each day now that daylight savings time has kicked in.

Golfers, fishermen and other recreational regulars are set to spend more time outdoors with day light savings now in effect.

“We look forward to this day more than any other day in the golf business," said Kenny Hughes. "Because with an extra hour, this opens the door for people that work during the week.”

Hughes owns and operates Shell Landing Golf Club. He also plays regularly. He thinks the business could see a 15 to 20 percent bump due to the extra hour of sunlight, but that the extra sunshine benefits more than just outdoor businesses.

“It definitely is beneficial to everybody. Our employees are making more money. They’re getting more money. Payroll goes up, but that is okay because we have more activity. So the return on investment is much greater by having more daylight," he explained.

Several golfers were already on the course late Sunday afternoon, enjoying the extra fun in the sun.

“What I like more about it is in the evenings when I get off work, it gives me more time to get out and work on my game," said Frank Powell. "Much less in the evenings, on the weekends, you got time to do more yard work and still get a round in.”

Curt Maley agrees, saying daylight savings even helps breathe life into the game.

“Springtime brings the life in to everybody and brings the life into our group," said Maley. “The camaraderie is great and this extra time just gives us a little extra time to hang out.”

The benefits of an extra hour of daylight go way beyond improving one’s game, though.

“You just got more time," said Powell. "When the sun is out, you got more time to spend at the beach and more time to go to the islands and just enjoy family life.”

With daylight savings now in effect until November 3, the fun in the sun is just getting started.

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