OLA sophomore brings her best to softball and school

OLA sophomore brings her best to softball and school

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Our Lady Academy has a history of producing students who excel on the diamond and in the classroom. Grace Koons, a sophomore softball player on the varsity team is no exception, with a 4.0 GPA and a two-year batting average of .346.

Grace Koons started playing softball at four years old and has been on the team at OLA for three years, so the basics of the game and leading the team are a part of who she is.

“I have been on the team since seventh grade, and a lot of this year’s team is just starting out. So, I know how things have run, and I’ve just been around because my sister played before me also, so I’d come to their practices. So I definitely know and have a feel of what it’s like, and I try to lead the best I can,” Koons said.

Her father and Our Lady Academy’s Head Softball Coach George Koons believes that her hard work and dedication aren’t limited to the field.

“It’s her preparation that sets her apart. She is very diligent with her studies no matter what’s going on, whether she’s playing softball or volleyball. Even if we have a late game she will come back, and she sets aside time to make sure that she’s prepared for school. So again I think the same things that made her successful on the softball field actually translate very well over into the academic side of things,” he said.

That is great for her because the academic competition that fuels her comes from within the walls of her own home.

“I have pressure from my siblings because my sister graduated valedictorian, and I’m striving for valedictorian. It’s just it gets to be a lot at times because of the pressure because you just push yourself sometimes too far but I think it’s worth it,” Koons said.

It is a pressure that will no doubt drive Grace Koons, like her siblings before her, to the top of her class.

The Our Lady Academy Crescents started their softball season on Feb. 25.

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