Mayor on overnight parade ladders: ‘All left will be destroyed!’

Mayor on overnight parade ladders: ‘All left will be destroyed!’
Ladders line St. Charles Avenue ahead of parades.

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Mayor LaToya Cantrell said you can be sidewalk-side or neutral ground-side, but you better not leave them there overnight.

“All left will be destroyed! Place ladders at least 6 ft from the street curb. Do not block intersections,” Cantrell said in a tweet.

Ladders – for good or bad - are part of Carnival tradition, and a front row view is a must for many revelers.

NOLA WEEKEND: Parade schedule here.

Even on Orleans Ave. a week before Endymion, people are marking their territory. On the neutral ground there are lines of paint where families will stand to watch the parade.

Some residents felt bamboozled when The City of New Orleans removed ladders and chairs that went up too soon in 2018.

Many residents were upset when the city began cutting the chains holding the ladders in place.

The city even threw away some of them – as promised again this year.

Code states that ladders can’t be in place more than 24 hours before the start of a parade and they must be six feet away from the curb.

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