Gov. Bryant meets with officials in Washington D.C., discusses interests of Mississippi

Full interview: Gov. Bryant in Washington D.C. for National Governors Association Winter Meeting

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WLOX/Gray TV) - Gov. Phil Bryant is spending his weekend in Washington D.C. at the 2019 National Governors Association Winter Meeting. Not only is he taking the opportunity to speak with other governors from across the country, but Bryant is also working in the interest of Mississippi residents.

“We’re talking to businessmen and women who come here form all over the United States as an opportunity for me to encourage them to bring their businesses to the state of Mississippi,” Bryant said. “I met yesterday at the White House with the political director of the president. I met with the president of the United States last night, so this is a wonderful opportunity to expand Mississippi’s reach here into Washington and beyond.”

One of the issues the governor brought up with President Donald Trump was something many residents interact with on a daily basis.

“Yesterday we talked to the president about infrastructure,” Bryant said. “We’re very concerned about roads and bridges and highways and rail, and so we as I met with the vice president also yesterday at a lunch at his home. We talked about how the federal government could incentivize states to continue to expand, not only grow the infrastructure but maintain what we have. It’s one of the critical issues that we have in the state of Mississippi, and the national government is helping with it.”

Deborah and I enjoyed lunch with Vice President Mike Pence and Karen. Both are wonderful and caring public servants. We should all be proud of their service. 🇺🇸

Posted by Phil Bryant on Friday, February 22, 2019

Bryant also discussed the widely-debated “heartbeat bills” passed by both the state Senate and House chambers and the positive feedback he’s received in Washington, D.C.

“The president is very pro life. He’s a strong believer in the right to life, and so as we talk about the heartbeat bill in the state of Mississippi, I’ve had many governors come up and say how they would like to pass that bill in their state. A number of them, Tennessee, Kentucky and others, are looking at it,” Bryant said. “Obviously we’ll go to court. This is the way that laws now are made, with what the federal courts, particularly the United States Supreme Court, will interpret about a state law like the heartbeat bill. But we’re going to get that one passed, I’m going to sign it into law and we’ll begin into courts. I feel very comfortable that this current Supreme Court is going to be sympathetic to our cause.”

This is the 111th annual Winter Meeting for the National Governors Association.

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