Moss Point sophomore brings her all to the court and the classroom

MP Scholar Athlete

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) -She’s a basketball player who not only excels on the court but in the classroom as well. She’s done all this in only her second year at Moss Point High School. We introduce you to Courtney Lewis, this week’s scholar-athlete.

Courtney Lewis has this classroom thing down, sporting a 3.8 grade point average. She’s also a rising star on the hardwood, averaging 5 points and three assists. What brought her to the game?

“Just everything about it. The competitiveness, the way you can just do your own thing, the team sports. It’s just what I’ve always loved,” she said.

She is constantly encouraging her teammates. They have a special bond.

“My teammates mean everything to me. They do everything for me. They’re there for me, inside and outside of basketball. They’re just great," Lewis said.

More important than pursuing state championship titles is her pursuit of learning.

“I believe that academics is more important than anything. Basketball is also important to me, but school can take you a long way," she said.

Her drive and determination have left an impression on all who know her, including her coach Ethan Porter.

“She’s a great teammate, a great leader. Very, very dependable, and that’s a quality that you don’t really find in a sophomore or young students or players very often. She’s just a very special player, a special person," he said.

This special player has goals that reach beyond the basketball hoop.

“I’ve always loved math, and the thought of the human body is something that intrigues me. So I’d rather go into anesthesiology or engineering," Lewis said.

No doubt, no matter what path she chooses, Courtney Lewis will succeed.

If you need more proof of her classroom prowess, consider this. On every state test she has taken so far in high school, she has scored a level 5, which is the highest ranking.

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