Missing casket from Jackson County cemetery has been found

Family talks about finding father's missing casket from Jackson County cemetery

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A family who told WLOX their father’s remains were missing from Jackson County Memorial Park in Pascagoula now says the missing casket has been found. The family wanted to move their father’s casket, but when they opened the family crypt, the casket wasn’t there.

We first reported this story on February 1 after receiving angry criticism from families who were unsatisfied with the cemetery. We were originally told the body disappeared, and there was an investigation that included the Pascagoula Police Department and the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office.

A family member says the casket was located in a different part of the cemetery. It has now been relocated to Macphelah Cemetery.

Jackson County cemetery drawing angry criticism from families

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