Resolution Check: Are you still exercising and eating better?

Resolution Check: Are you still exercising and eating better?

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - We’re only into the second month of 2019 and many people are already struggling to stick to their New Year’s resolutions to get healthier.

Here are some tips to help inspire you to keep working. It mainly goes back to focus and motivation. There are plenty of good reasons to exercise more and eat healthier foods. And if you focus on the reasons and issues that inspired you to get started in the first place, experts say it will help you follow through.

Audry Bush, 49, heads to Bayou View Fitness in Gulfport about five days a week. This has been her routine for two and a half years.

“I don’t like gyms," she said. "I don’t like working out but when I walk out of the gym I feel strong and like I’ve done something good for my body, and that’s a lot better than sitting at home.”

Audrey has lost 10 or 15 pounds during that time but that wasn’t really her goal. Her two main reasons for getting healthier? Hitting middle age and a fear of developing osteoporosis.

“You’ve gotta stay on top of it because it can get away from you fast," she explained. " My mother has osteoporosis so I try to fight that and do as much as I possibly can to stop that before it starts.”

Audrey Bush, 49, works with a personal trainer to make fitness a priority.
Audrey Bush, 49, works with a personal trainer to make fitness a priority. (Source: Photo WLOX)

Audrey makes sure she gets plenty of exercise every week but she also focuses on diet. “I think it’s your genes and also what you’re putting in your mouth. That’s everything.”

Personal trainer Anthony Anderson says they key is to find a reason to exercise and eat healthier.

“You need a ‘why,'" he said. “If you have a strong enough ‘why,’ that’s when you find your motivation, and your discipline.”

And he says that perfect “why” depends on a person’s individual passion. “Look deep inside for your motivation. Maybe you want to play with your grandkids, maybe you want to run a 5K. Find something that motivates you and keeps you passionate and you’re more likely to stick with it.”

Anderson says not being able to afford a personal trainer or a gym membership is no excuse. It’s a matter of making fitness a priority no matter your circumstances.

“Just go outside 30 to 45 minutes a day," he said. "Go ride a bike, walk a trail, go outside and play with your kids. Be happy and get moving.”

And for those who say they don’t have time? A recent study shows even exercising fifteen minutes a day can make a big difference in your overall health.

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