Ocean Springs ‘Breakfast with the Mayor’ serves up several topics

Ocean Springs ‘Breakfast with the Mayor’ serves up several topics

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson talked about issues with community leaders and residents at Breakfast with the Mayor at Mosaic Restaurant & Bar on Government Street Wednesday morning.

Speaking of food, Dobson spoke about the city's desire to possibly have food trucks in Ocean Springs.

“It’s a growing trend. It’s something more and more people are not only getting used to, but also actively seeking out,” Dobson said. “For me, it’s just something that grows the market. It grows the pie. It helps fill in the gaps.”

One Ocean Springs restaurant owner said he doesn’t necessarily have a problem with food trucks coming to the city if they’re not camped out near the brick and mortar restaurants in the city.

One location where food trucks might prosper is on the beach, with certain restrictions.

"We want to make sure we don't step on the toes of our neighbors and respecting our existing businesses, but instead to give folks another option to come out on the beach, or shopping or giving more options,’ Dobson added.

As for the city’s infrastructure, Dobson said one area to keep an eye on for future development is Steelman Lane and Ocean Springs Road.

“Steelman is very important to the economic development of that whole area. We’re just excited were going to be connecting it to another road,” Dobson said.

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