D’Iberville High prepares students to do their best with ACT boot camp

D’Iberville High prepares students to do their best with ACT boot camp

D’IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - The pencils are sharpened, snacks are on deck and minds are ready.

With just a week to go until statewide ACT testing, high school juniors in Mississippi are preparing themselves to score as high as they can.

Juniors at D’Iberville High School spent Wednesday in boot camp learning some test-taking strategies. The day consisted of five hours of prep courses in the test’s subject areas.

“This is just something that we put in place to try and help them do the absolute best they can do," said English teacher Lori Brooks. “We try to give them some tips and some strategies that will help them in each of the four content areas, just to be successful.”

The students were all ears during the day’s mental workout. They’re well aware of the huge impact their ACT score can have on their future.

“I’m trying to aim for the highest score. I’m trying to pass,” said Michael McIntosh.

“The score I’m aiming for is a 24 because I’m going in to the Air Force, and I need a high score,” said Summar Hughes.

“The first time I took it, I made a 19, and I felt like I could have done better. I have dreams to play Division I ball, so definitely got to have a high score," said Corblin McGinn.

There’s another reason to score high. A 30 or above could earn students a spot in the school’s ACT Thirty Plus Club Hall of Fame.

It’s one of the ways D’Iberville High has put a bigger emphasis on the test, and it’s paying off. Scores are going up, and the school is in the top three in average ACT scores on the Gulf Coast.

“We just really wanted to make those kids that are scoring on the ACT feel like rock stars too," Brooks said.

Students are grateful for the motivation to do their best and expect the extra pointers will come in handy next week.

“Just the little stuff, like marking through things that aren’t needed and just everything that they’re teaching is definitely going to help," McGinn said.

This is the third year for the ACT Boot Camp.

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