Night to Shine gives residents an unforgettable experience while putting a smile on parents’ face

Night to Shine

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Shoes shined, hair and makeup done, but that marked just the beginning of what turned out to be an amazing night.

“We have several stations, where they are getting their hair touched up, their makeup touched up, and they already have on beautiful dresses. We really just get them ready for the red carpet,” said organizer Carol Ann Gollott.

After they finished getting pampered inside with hair and makeup and boutineers, they make their way to the red carpet where they walk hand in hand with their friends and family enjoying a Night to Shine together all the while preparing to enjoy an incredible Prom like none other.

Once inside, the unforgettable experience that was promised lived up to the hype. And the kid's families loved watching them cut loose.

“My son has been so excited since he got the invitation in the mail, and he has been beside himself. he’s been out there tearing up the dance floor tonight,” said parent Candy Henson.

However she wasn't the only mom who loved the event.

“This is my son’s second time coming, and he loves it. They just love being able to express themselves through dance, and it’s just an awesome event,” said Cherri Enge.

And Pastor Paul Crowley loves seeing familiar faces every year at the event.

“It’s good to see. Some of them have been here every year, and they remember us, and we remember them. And to see them again their faces light up. They enjoy being here, and it is a blessing for us,” said Pastor Crowley.

And the Wilson family couldn't agree more as mother Patti loves the event.

“It’s just wonderful to do something so fantastic where they are included, and not only are they included, it’s about them,” she said.

And her daughter's favorite part?

“I guess dancing is kind of fun. It makes my feet feel groovy. It’s kind of cool really,” she explained.

And her feet weren’t the only ones feeling groovy,

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