Couple relying on Facebook to help find a baby to adopt

Couple relying on Facebook to help find a baby to adopt

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - In the modern digital age, social media is almost an essential part of our lives.

People use Facebook to share how their day went, see what’s trending and even to buy and sell stuff. However, Tenesha and Tony Batiste are using social media to try to adopt a baby.

“We felt this urge that God was leading us to go public because we feel that the baby that He has destined for us is kind of right under our nose,” Tenesha said.

The couple has been trying to have a baby of their own for 15 years. After two unsuccessful rounds of in vitro fertilization, and a few adoptions that fell through, they weren’t sure what to do, so they asked some friends.

“We talked a lot and we prayed a lot about it, and I think it’s just a really good decision for her right now,” said Ja’leasa Walden, Tenesha’s friend.

Those friends told their friends, who told their friends, and in a short time their post began to trend locally on Facebook, gaining nearly 100 shares, more than 730 reactions and more than 200 comments.

“A lot of people have called. We have a lot of Facebook messages. So many people have reached out,” Tenesha said.

Not every one of their mobile notifications is about a potential baby to bring home, but the couple likes to think that each of their online interactions benefits an expecting mother in some way.

"One woman specifically said she was strongly considering abortion until she read the post," Tenesha added.

They want their search to let expecting mothers know that there are many other options available to them if they decide to not keep their babies.

Tony and Tenesha even found a few support groups with other couples in the same situation as they are.

“That leads to, you know, on my conversations and websites and stuff, but all of that initiated through social media,” Tony said.

There are a lot of interesting videos, groups, and more on Facebook, but the Batistes are just looking for one share or like to help them find the missing piece to their puzzle.

They have created a Facebook page to help them in their search for a baby.

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