Local pastor says Pascagoula is resilient through recent tragedies

Local pastor says Pascagoula is resilient through recent tragedies

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) -Earlier this week, Brittany Moore McCord, a person some called “everybody’s mama,” lost her life in an alleged murder by her estranged husband.

"So many of the moms here in town have had babies in the last 10-12 years, they just loved her, and she made those kids her own,” said Robby Myrick, worship minister at Church on the Rock in Pascagoula. “She was that ‘mama’ day care teacher in town."

Much like other recent tragedies, Myrick said these tragic events force everyone to take stock and look for answers.

“Like all of our communities on the Coast post-Katrina, we all had to figure out how to come back, and every town has its own dynamic and it’s sense of culture,” Myrick said. “In Pascagoula, I’ve been here most of my life. I feel like we’re that little town that could, you know, ‘that sleepy little town of Pascagoula,’ we always find a way to come back.”

So how does Pascagoula, or any community for that matter, press on through tragedy? Myrick said the place to start is with one word: hope.

"There’s always hope. If we can keep our mindset, there’s always hope, and where there’s hope, there’s a way, and the way may seem difficult, but we’ll get there if we stay together,” he said.

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