Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team debuts performance at Keesler Air Force Base

Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team debuts performance at Keesler Air Force Base

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team revealed its very first performance of its 2019 tour at Levitow Training Support Facility Drill Pad at Keesler Air Force Base Friday.

The Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team is the nation’s most elite honor guard. Members serve the President of the United States and the Air Force’s most senior leaders. With an eager audience of airmen watching, the drill team did what they do best.

“We are at a tech training technical training base here. So, the level of discipline and professionalism that we just saw with the honor guard is something that we are trying to instill in our airmen while they are here at Keesler,” said Sgt. Staci Street, military training leader at Keesler. “For them to be able to see that superior lever, I think, will translate well to them.”

Joining the honor guard is considered an elite assignment. Senior Airman Ira Hall said it’s not an assignment that he takes lightly.

“While I was in basic training, the honor guard came and recruited. They showed us a video. They told us what they did. At that moment, that’s when I was like this is something that is very prestigious, you know, that I’d like to be a part of. I tried my hardest to make it through," Hall said.

Despite the fact that weapons are flying closely by performing for the crowd, Senior Airman Neriah Guerin said that is what makes the experience that much more exciting.

“It’s just exciting after a while. You know, your first couple of drills, you’re very nervous. You get tense. You cramp up, but after a while, it’s just like how big is the crowd this time, because it gets more and more exciting every time you do it," Guerin said.

The drill team will head back to Washington D.C. to prepare for the next stop on the tour.

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