Scholar Athlete: Lady Hurricane Layne Turan a standout in softball and scholastics

Scholar Athlete: Lady Hurricane Layne Turan a standout in softball and scholastics

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The West Harrison Lady Hurricanes came within one game of the final four in last year’s 5A state championship.

With only four seniors returning to the team this year, they’ve set out to repeat as 5A Region 8 Champs. Standout Layne Turan is one of those seniors, and her hard work and dedication aren’t limited to the softball field.

Turan is ranked academically in the top 10 percent of her class. Teacher Julia Speed said that while she is an exceptional athlete, she stays focused on her school work as well.

“She has always been one of my top, if not my top, performing students,” Speed said.

“A lot of it’s just making sure you get your class work done in the classroom, especially if you know you have a game or anything,” Turan said. “There’s a lot of times where I have bus rides, and I have to bring my work.”

Once classes are over, it’s back to the gloves and cleats. She’s a four-sport athlete, but Turan said softball is her favorite.

“I just, I’ve always played softball. It’s always just been a thing in the family. So I mean, it’s kinda just one of those things where you just grow to love it,” she said.

“She’s one of those kids that doesn’t complain about anything,” said head coach Brittany Rogers. "She comes in and gives it her all. She’s done that for me since the seventh grade.

Turan’s plans for college have already been made. She has signed with East Central Community College on a full scholarship and plans to major in physical therapy. It’s a plan that she hopes will keep her connected to the sport that she loves.

“The whole reason I wanted to do physical therapy is because I didn’t want to leave the field at all. If I could do physical therapy and be involved with sports, in any way, that’s my plan,” she said.

Layne’s final season with the West Harrison Lady Hurricanes begins Feb. 19.

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