Netflix series could be causing a surge in Coast Goodwill donations as people ‘tidy up’

Netflix series could be causing a surge in Coast Goodwill donations as people ‘tidy up’

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The donations just keep rolling in at Goodwill locations along the Coast.

In fact, Goodwill of South Mississippi says they have had thousands more donations so far this year than in this same time frame last year.

“Our donations are up. They’re up 33.8 percent. We’ve had about 3,000 more donations in January of this year versus January of last year," said Lisa Parker, Program Manager of Community Development for Goodwill of South Mississippi.

“We’ve seen a huge increase. Like I said, 3,000. That is astronomical,” said Parker.

But what’s behind the sudden surge in donations? It may have something to do with the Netflix series Tidying Up. The series features decluttering expert Marie Kondo as she helps people declutter their own homes by asking one simple question: does this spark joy?

“Seeing what brings them joy, what doesn’t bring them joy. Apparently that’s what the show is all about,” said Parker.

“And they encourage you once you go through what you’re going to keep, donate the rest," she added.

The show was released on New Year’s Day, and since then many thrift stores across the country have been reporting similar increases in donations.

But whether it's because people have been inspired by the so-called KonMari method or just have a giving spirit is still up for debate.

“The show may have had a lot to do with it, but again, we do have an amazing community who love to give to Goodwill and help us to employ those in the community,” said Parker.

Whatever the reason, it looks like there’s no question that the spike in donations is certainly sparking joy for thrift stores.

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