Saints fans have anti-Super Bowl party in Ocean Springs

Saints fans have anti-Super Bowl party in Ocean Springs

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Of all the millions of people watching Sunday’s Super Bowl, one night club in Ocean Springs turned off the big game.

Instead, Kwitzky’s Dugout decided to have a Boycott Bowl.

Saints fans haven’t recovered from the famous no-call pass interference call that put the Rams into the Super Bowl.

That includes super-fan Joseph Marchese.

“The Who Dat Nation never will,” he said.

For now, he’ll settle for an anti-Super Bowl celebration at Kwitzky's Dugout in Ocean Springs.

“We’re all mad, but we have to get over it,” said owner Kris Kwitzky. “We weren’t on the field. We couldn’t do anything about it, but we can sure let the NFL know that we’re serious about being fans though.”

Present to commiserate with Saints fans was Chiefs fan Todd Brunmeier of Kansas City, who was in town visiting family.

The Super Bowl is not high on his priority after his team lost to New England.

“This weekend, we’re here to have a good time with the Saints fans, enjoy our weekend of looking back and wishing what could have been,” he said.

The party, with all its trimmings, helps a little.

“You know, somewhat. Get out and not watch the actual Super Bowl because we feel like the Rams shouldn't be there,” he said. “Feel like we should be there. So, yeah, this helps a little bit.”

Marchese had a theory that the Saints are holding out for destiny.

Next year’s Super Bowl is in Miami, where the Saints won the championship 10 years ago.

“Well, we’re going to protest this year and then we’re going to be in it next year,” he said. “So, there you go.”

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