U.S. Marshals: wanted Jackson County man may have faked his death and hiding out in Colorado

Updated: Feb. 3, 2019 at 10:09 AM CST
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JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Days before Jacob Blair Scott, 42, was going to plead guilty to multiple sex crimes in Jackson County, he disappeared leaving behind his dinghy boat and a suicide note, but now officials believe he could be hiding out in Colorado with family members.

Scott was out on bond while the case moved through the legal system.

Deputy U.S. Marshals say evidence shows Scott faked his own death in Alabama.

According to Denver 7, Scott disappeared on July 30, 2018 from Orange Beach, Alabama days before he was going to plead guilty to a case accusing him of raping a young girl. He had 14 sex charges against him in that case. But before Scott pleaded guilty, law enforcement say they found a dinghy boat floating in the ocean, a gun tied to the boat, and what they described as a suicide note with contact information for Scott’s family.

Photos from the scene. (Photo source: KMGH-TV)
Photos from the scene. (Photo source: KMGH-TV)


However, things didn’t sit right with officials.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Katrina Crouse told KMGH-TV investigators described the situation as odd from the beginning. Only a small amount of blood was found on the boat.

“Normally in situations where somebody is shot, committed suicide, you’re going to have other forensic evidence. For example, brain matter, hair, skin, bone,” she said. “None of that was found.”

Another strange thing to investigators was the gun tied to the boat.

“Almost like they wanted to make sure that the gun was discovered,” Crouse explained.

Scott’s body was never found, something Crouse said was unusual.

“Normally, bodies will float to the surface,” she said.

According to KMGH-TV, Scott’s mother denied her son was alive. She lives in the Denver area. The mother even blamed the 14-year-old girl involved in the case saying the girl seduced her son.

As investigators looked further into Scott’s disappearance, they discovered he took out $45,000 from his retirement account before he disappeared.

“If you take money out of an account, we know where that money goes, You either give it to relatives or you distribute it to friends. No money has been located,” she said.


Investigators also received more evidence that Scott may still be alive through multiple reported sightings.

KMGH-TV said a person claiming to be a friend of Scott told the lead investigator in Jackson County he had spotted Scott driving in the county on August 6, 2018.

Then a tip came to the Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers the day after Christmas 2018.

“The tipster stated that someone matching the description of Jacob Blair Scott was seen frequenting the Golden Spike Apartments,” Crouse said. “The tipster stated the suspect was seen going up to the 8th floor and on the first floor,”

KMGH-TV reported officials spoke with apartment management, who said they didn’t recognize Scott’s photo, but a worker at the apartments said he’d seen Scott smoking nearby, which is the same story someone else told KMGH-TV earlier last week.

“Pretty darn sure. I’m really 100-percent positive it was him,” Quintana said.

U.S. Marshals are hoping someone recognizes Scott and calls with information. Information can lead to a cash reward.


After Scott disappeared, a Jackson County judge issued an arrest warrant for Scott. He is now considered a fugitive.

“The sheriff’s department is working with other agencies following up with any leads and tips in this case with the goal of bringing Jacob Scott back to Jackson County to face these charges,” said Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell.

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