Hot menu items for Super Bowl LIII

Millions of football fans will host parties, and millions more will go out

Hot menu items for Super Bowl LIII

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Sunday is the day New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams have been looking forward to. They’ve got their jerseys ironed and are prepping for a full day of eating.

The National Retail Federation reported nearly 61 million people will attend a Super Bowl party this weekend. Forty-four million will host. Delish put together a list of 60+ foods that you can make your guests on Sunday. Click here to find that perfect recipe!

For those 13 million who won’t cook at all, consider dining out to watch the game. Google reports the most consumed food during the Super Bowl is chicken wings, with 1.3 billion will be sold and eaten. Second runner-up is pizza.

Of those surveyed by the National Retail Federation, seven percent said they're only in it for the food.

Americans are forecast to spend about $81 on the Super Bowl this year. That includes jerseys, food, decorations or even new TVs.

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