Roger Goodell addresses no-call, but don’t expect much change

Roger Goodell addresses controversial no-call

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he understands the frustration of the city and New Orleans Saints following the controversial no-call in the NFC Championship game.

Goodell spoke at a news conference in Atlanta on Wednesday leading up to the Super Bowl.

“Our officials are human. They’re not going to get it right every time. Technology isn’t going to solve all of these issues. Referees aren’t robots,” Goodell said.

When Goodell was asked if he ever considered restarting or replaying the game, he said “absolutely not.”

Roger Goodell: Did you ever think of restarting the game?

When pressed, Goodell admitted the play should have been called.

He said that he has talked to Coach Sean Payton and owner Gayle Benson. He said there has been a lot of communication about the controversial call.

Goodell was asked if Super Bowl LIII is tainted due to the no-call.

Goodell on if Super Bowl 53 is tainted

“We’re obviously proud of having the Patriots and rams here. We understand the disappointment of the Saints fans, the organization and the players,” he said.

Despite the number of reporters from New Orleans, Goodell only took a question from Jeff Duncan of But, the national media continued to pepper him with questions about the future of replay.

He said it is like adding one other human that could make a mistake.

He said he would be “comfortable” if no changes were made to the NFL rules as a result of the missed call.

“Are there solutions for this?” Goodell said. “That’s what they committee needs to focus on: What are the solutions and what are the unintended consequences?”

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