Three Rivers Elementary’s ‘fearless’ girls practice self-care through yoga

Three Rivers Elementary’s ‘fearless’ girls practice self-care through yoga

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Students at Three Rivers Elementary had a chance to relax Wednesday morning through yoga.

It was a lesson in finding their inner zen, and it didn’t require books or even desks.

Just deep breaths.

“It’s very, very important and informative that younger girls understand, you know, how to keep that balance, mind and body," said Tania Bayne, instructor at Shanti Yoga in Gulfport.

Bayne spent the morning at the school guiding girls of the “Fearlessly Me” program through different moves to boost their energy and clear their minds.

Making sure the young ladies are actively taking care of their mental well-being is important to school social worker Nicole Miller. She’s the mastermind behind “Fearlessly Me”. There are 38 girls in grades 4th through 6th in the new girl empowerment program. Each month, the group focuses on a different theme. This month’s is “Self-care.” Next month’s theme is “Identity.”

Miller says the program has already sparked a change in the girls.

“We even had incidences in classrooms where girls were getting upset with each other over gossip or rumors, and I don’t hear that as much. In the actual Fearlessly Me group, the girls literally sit closer to one another, something they did not do at the very beginning," said Miller.

It's boosting confidence.

“Thinking more positively about myself because sometimes I don’t like the way I dress or I don’t like the way I look, and it’s a big difference," said student Mallory Parkman.

It also reminds the girls of their power as one.

“I wanted the girls to realize that you are pretty awesome. But if you work with other girls, you can be even more awesome. We are stronger together.”

Everything coming together as a lesson in finding the true balance in life.

And don’t worry, the school’s young men aren’t missing out. Three Rivers also has a basketball mentoring program for the boys.

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