County repairing dozens of roads in Moss Point

To date, 32 out of the 40 roads on a list have been repaired

County crews repairing dozens of roads in Moss Point

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - You can expect to see more road crews in Moss Point as the county continues to work on dozens of areas that need improvement.

The Moss Point Board of Aldermen were tasked with creating lists of roads that need work in their ward. The city then submitted that list to the Jackson County Board of Supervisors. The board prioritized the list and came out with 40 total roads. To date, 32 have been repaired.

“I know my constituents have been asking for Davis Street for a long time to be paved. It’s got to be one of the worst in the city," said Alderman Wayne Lennep. He serves ward 6. Out of his list of roads, four were selected.

“I’ve also asked for Dantzler and Oakwood. Terrible streets, need a lot of work," Lennep added.

The stretch of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard east of Walter Street has its fair share of drainage issues and potholes.

“That runs really from Highway 613 over to Highway 63 is the area that we’re mostly concerned with paving and striping. It’s going to require a lot of work. Mostly catch basins need to be inspected, plugged, leaks. We’ve had washouts in them. So, that work needs to be done," said Jackson County Supervisor Melton Harris. He oversees district 2.

MLK is also one of the roads that will need milling.

Harris said, “Six of those are going to require milling. Milling meaning that the asphalt is so broken up, so we’ve got to levy that. So, we can come back and repave it and still give it an opportunity to drain properly.”

Weather and lack of asphalt has slowed down construction.

“There’s other work that has to go on that the city has to do to prepare for them to come in," Lennep added, saying the city is working on a three month plan to focus on funding for streets and drainage. Once the city’s side is done, the county can move forward.

“I’m hoping this month that we’ll be able to get this stuff done," added Lennep.

The county’s list of roads to be repaired:

  • MLK (Main to Walter) - needs milling
  • Davis (Magnolia to Griffin)
  • Dantzler (Griffin to westend) - needs milling
  • Rogers (Hwy 613 to Barnes)
  • Pine (MLK to Frederick) - needs milling
  • Clark (Richard to Kreole) - needs milling
  • Well St. (Kreole to Mills) - needs milling
  • Seven Tree - needs milling

The county’s list of roads that have been repaired:

  • MLK (Walter to Earl)
  • MLK (Earl to Hwy 63)
  • Pine (Gregory to MLK)
  • Doris (Jackson to Frederick)
  • Jackson (Macphelah to Doris)
  • Leroy (MLK to Frederick)
  • Landwood (Macphelah to Jefferson)
  • Nancy (Billy to McArthur)
  • Charles (Grierson to Gregory)
  • Triumph Ave.
  • Gen. McArthur St.
  • Elivira Grandison Dr.
  • Vine St.
  • MacPahelah Rd.
  • McFail Ln.
  • General Ike Ave.
  • Liverpool (Hwy 613 to Barnes)
  • Rabby St. (Hwy 613 to Elder Ferry)
  • Devonshire (Shumock to Deadend)
  • Shumock St. (Lawrence to Deadend)
  • Lawrence (Griffin to Sherlawn)
  • Renee Cir. (off Devonshire)
  • Delmar Cir. (off Devonshire)
  • Crestwood Cir. (off Devonshire)
  • Springwater (Dutch Bayou to the dead end)
  • Frederick St. (2nd to Hwy 63)
  • Mornview Dr. (2nd St. to Fairwood Dr.)
  • Gregory (Kreole to Hilmas)
  • Tanner
  • Henry St. (Wilson to Hilmas)

The county is paying for the road work with a $1.5 million bond. The total cost for the project is $1,454,305. More than $600,000 has been spent on the first 32 areas. The bulk of the money will be spent on the remaining roads because they will need to be milled. Harris said this is the most money the county has spent in Moss Point on road improvements.

The MLK project is the largest of the bunch, costing a total of $325,461. That includes striping, center lines and reflectors.

Lennep is hoping more roads can be added to the list now that Moss Point and Jackson County have entered into new budget years.

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