Residents feeling confident after Biloxi mayor delivers State of the City address

Residents feeling confident after Biloxi mayor delivers State of the City address

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - More than 700 people are feeling confident about the future of Biloxi after hearing the 4th State of the City address from Mayor FoFo Gilich. The mayor and those who listened to him feel the city is moving in the right direction.

Following the speech and video presentation, everyone was feeling pretty jazzed, including the mayor.

“Today, Biloxi is a teeming environment of accomplishment, excitement anticipation, not hope but expectation,” he said.

Those expectations include the completion of the north project roadwork in east Biloxi, which many say is long overdue. Corey Christy should know.

“I live right in the heart of that north project. So, it will be great to see it come to an end, but I’m noticing everyday there’s more stuff done. There’s more road work going down, and I feel good about it,” she said.

The mayor touted the new boardwalk in west Biloxi as a sign of cooperation between the city and Harrison County. Tourists approve too including Randy Dean of Kentucky.

“What I like about the boardwalk is being able to walk along the beach, and not have to walk on the side of the highway and hear the noise of the cars. You get the birds. You’ve go the sand, the palm trees and the water. Everything is beautiful,” he said.

Woolmarket, annexed 20 years ago, will also be seeing new additions.

The area is getting a new fire station and other improvements. People who live and work there are taking notice. One of them is business owner Kazi Hossain.

“This is very good to see that fire service and all of those things are coming to this city, this part especially in Woolmarket. And it makes people very safe. We are happy to see all the things the city is taking care of,” Hossain said.

Other improvements include the transformation of Howard Avenue into a two lane street with mixed development, a pedestrian overpass in downtown Biloxi about to open and with another one coming. Pt. Cadet is being improved with more boardwalks, and two new hotels are about to open in downtown.

Resident Alison Lynd is impressed. “I feel like the mayor and his team that he has in place are looking out for the best of the citizens and moving forward,” she said.

And then there’s Keesler Air Force Base and the city, which is about to host the Thunderbirds and forge an even tighter bond. That’s the word from the 2nd Air Force commander, General Tim Leahy.

“This relationship has been phenomenal for decades and continues to be phenomenal, and we continue to partner with the city on a multitude of different agendas,” he said.

Tuesday’s event was sponsored by the Biloxi Bay Area Chamber of Commerce.

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