Who Dat Nation faced with a loss; Rams moving forward to Super Bowl

Rams defeated the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship

Who Dat Nation faced with a loss; Rams moving forward to Super Bowl

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Who Dat Nation was faced with a loss Sunday night as the Saints couldn’t pull off a win against the Rams. Now the Los Angeles Rams are headed to the Super Bowl.

At the Golden Nugget, the noise died down just minutes after the game ended, with hundreds of heartbroken Saints fans leaving and a handful of Rams fans still celebrating.

The Rams win is something Marcia Tripp is happy about.

“I’m so excited. As you can tell I’m losing my voice. I’ve screamed. I have upset every Saints fan in the building," Tripp said. She’s a Falcons fan and has good reason for rooting on the Rams.

“I had to be a Rams fan. I did not want the Saints to play in our house. Not in our Dome. No. Absolutely not," Tripp added. She was also one of the many who bet money on their team.

“I do a lot of the sports betting as well so I have my tickets that have the Rams on it, too,” she added.

Pamela Rymniak was adding up her loss. She’s a Saints fan, unless they’re playing the Steelers.

“It felt like the whole game we were doing alright and then, it just didn’t pan out," Rymniak said. “I was thinking honestly they’d win by at least a field goal. Something. And really it was looking that way but then it kind of went to heck.”

It was a somber ending to a nail biter of a game. Saints fans, quietly left the casino while Tripp and her table celebrated.

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