Residents still in shock after Biloxi standoff

Residents still in shock after Biloxi standoff

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Residents were still in shock nearly 24 hours after what police are calling a murder-suicide in a Biloxi neighborhood.

Getting home from a shopping trip to Mobile took a few hours longer Saturday than siblings Alex and Michelle Gelacio ever expected.

“We kind of just came back and then we couldn’t get home,” Michelle said.

“We got stuck like right here on Brodie Road, and we were just wondering what was going on," Alex said. "And they didn’t let no one in the community or out of the community.”

The Gelacios later learned their home in the Reunion Place subdivision was just walking distance from a standoff.

Police and SWAT members had surrounded a house in the subdivision, negotiating with a suicidal man who had locked himself inside.

“We were shocked to see the SWAT team and everybody like right here, and we were like ‘wow, that’s crazy to see that happen close, really close to home,’” Alex said.

When law enforcement officials went inside the home, they found the suspect suffering from an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound. He later died at the hospital.

Police also learned a woman had been shot and killed.

They’re now investigating this as a murder-suicide.

The Gelacios were shocked something like this happened in what they said is a quiet neighborhood.

“It’s scary," Michelle said. "We feel bad for all the people involved, and we hope and pray that everyone is okay, but it’s unfortunate that two lives were lost. I still feel safe, but you know things happen. Just hope that things like this don’t happen again, but you never know.”

They didn’t know the people involved, who they said just moved in a few weeks ago, but their thoughts and prayers are with those now grieving.

“Some things unfortunately happen like that, but I just hope that their families can get through it," Michelle said.

WLOX New Now has reached out to officials for the identities of the man and woman but they have not yet been released.

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